The breaking of Dawn

Summer is always a fun time. Women dress sexier, with shorts, short skirts and dresses. No jackets, usually, which means I can spot the women who have small breasts. Yeah, I’m funny that way. Big breasts turn me off and small ones turn me on. Live with it, I’ve had to. Well, there was this […]

After The Party (True Rape M/F)

The following story is basically true true. It happened to be a number of years ago. I have changed names to protect the innocent. I also my rapists Bald (tho he wasn’t), because I really do have a thing about totaaly bald guys. – Imma Scared As roomates, Melanie and I truly were a real […]

Cock Slave

I thought life was pretty bad before Mom brought Edward home. I would learn over the next months that my life up ’til then was heaven compared to what life with Edward turned out to be. in some ways grew up pretty fast. I can’t remember a time when Mom wasn’t drinking or drunk, I […]


By Delta It was becoming light and I began to have second thoughts. Real bright, I told myself, it’s a little late to have second thoughts now. I had already had my chance. I recalled the chance only too well, now that it was too late. “Are you sure this is what you want, Rayleen?” […]

I kissed a Girl

“See you at school tommorrow,” I said. My date, Brian, was a nervous mess. He wasn’t accustomed to being in this scenario. “Oh, um, ahhh…” He sputtered. Normally, I would’ve kissed him. But I haven’t ever kissed anyone. Not even Rick (I don’t know why). I didn’t want to start with Brian. “Good night.” I […]


After teasing and lusting for my wife over a year after our wedding, she finally gave in and let my best friend have a quick jump. She became aware of the positive effect it had on me while discussing their performance, but it was another year before an opportunity arose for a chance to watch […]

The Birth of a Gay Slut

by Dave Aitel Technically I was born 21 years before this story begins, but let’s not quibble the details, ok? I graduated from college three days after my twenty first birthday. Two weeks later I was in Maryland, with a programming job and nothing to do. One of the things I promised myself was that […]