My daughter, the babysitter – part 6

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My daughter, the babysitter – part 6

(Joanne gets back from her ‘babysitting’ sleepover)

I wake up, anxiously early, with yet another huge erection. I ache from
my previous nights exertions, but feel very satisfied. I wonder what my
elder daughter Joanne has been up to at the Jacobsen’s.

My wife feels me stirring and snuggles up to me in a totally satisfied

“Thanks for last night,” she manages to murmur, her hand reaching out
and finding my very hard cock. “You are so naughty!”

She giggles as she squeezes my cock and slips under the covers to suck
my cock deeply into her mouth. I groan with pleasure, but I’m sure there’s
no way she’ll get even a drop of cum out this morning.

Yet again, Jolene bursts through the bedroom door, giggling.

“Hi, Dad!” she begins, chirpily. “Where’s Mum?”

I indicate with one hand the wriggling form of her mother underneath the
duvet. She keeps sucking my cock deliciously.

“Mum?” calls Jolene, a naughty smile on her face.

She reaches out for the duvet and tosses it off the bed. There is my
wife, her mouth full of my cock, naked as the day she was born. Jolene
grins and then giggles.

“Mummy, you are being naughty!”

“Mmmmmmfffffffff,” says my wife, refusing to stop even when I try to
pull her away.

Jolene climbs up onto the bed, watching her mother closely as she
continues her excellent fellatio technique.

“Watch and learn,” I suggest, cuddling my younger daughter to me.

Luckily, she’s dressed in her usual pjs, so I don’t see or touch any
naked young girl skin. It would probably have sparked an immediate orgasm!

Jolene murmurs softly as she watches her mother in action. I notice
that she slips her hand inside her pj bottoms.

“I’m playing, Daddy!” she tells me.

“I know!” I reply, my eyes glassy with lust as my wife brings me, even
is this drained state, towards yet another orgasm.

My wife is gurgling and making slurping noises as she sucks on my now
throbbing cock.

“I Mummy going to make you cum, Daddy?” asks Jolene.

All I can do is nod vigorously, as I’m about to shoot whatever I have
left into my wife’s mouth.

I groan as I orgasm and see my wife’s mouth filling with my cum. After
a couple of spurts, she drops her mouth away and Jolene can watch my cock
spurting out a few small shots onto her mother’s breasts.

Jolene squeals and wriggles around in my arms, clearly cumming herself.

My wife moves up the bed and cuddles her daughter closely. I realise
that some of my cum will be soaking into my daughter’s pjs from her
mother’s breasts.

“That was fun!” she cries to me.

“Even more fun with Jolene watching,” I tell her.

Jolene grins and kisses me on the cheek. Her mother kisses her too and
we just lie together happily for a long while.

Suddenly I become conscious again.

“I’d better go and pick up Joanne,” I suggest, getting out of bed.

My wife and daughter watch me hungrily as I get dressed. I kiss them
both quickly, leaving them in bed together. I drive off to the Jacobsen’s
house and pull up in the driveway. I have to knock on the door and wait
several minutes before someone opens the door.

I’m invited inside by Mrs. Jacobsen, who is dressed in a quite
revealing nightdress. She looks stunningly sexy and it’s difficult for me
to keep my eyes from scanning over her body everywhere she moves. I
thought this was a very staid couple!

“Your daughter will be down shortly,” the woman smiles. “She’s been
quite wonderful.”

“She loves your kids,” I say, aware of the undertone of sex in the room.

“She does and we love her too. She’s a great babysitter,” says Mrs.
Jacobsen, with a broad smile.

‘And a great cocksucker!’ I think, with a grin to myself.

Just at that moment, Joanne comes rushing downstairs.

“Daddy! Daddy!” she cries, throwing herself into my arms.

She’s dressed and ready to leave, with a backpack over her shoulder, but
her face looks very flushed. She goes up to Mrs. jacobsen and kisses her
in a more than friendly manner.

“Thank you, both of you,” she waves to Mr. Jacobsen who stands at the
top of the stairs, grinning.

“Bye, Joanne. Please visit us again soon!” he says.

Outside, Joanne is beside herself with excitement.

“I’ve got to tell you, Daddy!” she squeals, as she climbs into the seat
beside me.

“Why not wait until we get home. Things have changed there too. Mummy
will be as interested as I am to hear your story,” I suggest.

“OK, OK!” she agrees, sitting back with a very satisfied look on her

“Did they pay you a lot this time too?” I ask.

“Oh, yes. Five hundred dollars!” Joanne says, waving the notes in front
of my face.

“Unbelievable. You must be a great babysitter!” I say, smiling

“Oh, I am. I am,” she giggles.

Somehow, we get home without saying anything more. My cock is so erect
it’s painful. I know she’s been very naughty and I’m dying to hear her
tell us all about it.

She goes to her room to change into some casual clothes. I go to the
bedroom to find my wife and younger daughter still cuddled up together and
grinning naughtily.

“You’ve been naughty?”I ask, knowing that they have been.

“Jolene made me very happy,” says my wife, without much of a smile.

“And Mummy did naughty things with me!” my younger daughter smiles

I can’t believe this! Not too many days ago, I had an almost normal
relationship with my wife and with my two daughters, now it seemed we’d
discovered something about ourselves that had been unnecessarily hidden for
too long. It was all coming out in a rush!

I really need to hear what happened to Joanne last night. She rushes
from behind me and kisses her Mum and Jolene, enjoying the fact that they
have been so intimate together. We all gather closely on the bed as Joanne
slips off her backpack and prepares to tell her story.

(continued in part 7)

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